BC Francophone Immigration Program
Horizon B.C. (Programme d’immigration francophone de la Colombie-Britannique) works towards attracting and facilitating the settlement and integration of Francophone immigrants so they actively contribute to the vitality and dynamism of the Francophone community, the province and Canada. Through its various services and projects, Horizon B.C. provides direct support to newcomers to assist them throughout the immigration and integration process and mobilizes the entire community to support francophone immigration.
the existance project
The Existence Project is a creative storytelling workshop in Victoria, British Columbia giving voice to whole communities – across the socio-economic spectrum – to create, connect and share around the common intersection of poverty, mental health, and stigma in our lives. Mental health, addiction and trauma are interwoven in a debilitating web of stigmatization, marginalization and poverty that impacts ourselves and our community on many levels. Understanding these social ills through our personal and community perspective is a crucial step towards creating meaningful dialogue and transformative action in making a safe, progressive and vibrant community.
Bridges For Women Society
Bridges for Women Society was established in Victoria in 1988 as an employment training program for women with a history of trauma and abuse. It operated with the help of an Advisory Committee until 1993 when it was officially established as a non-profit society under the British Columbia Society Act.
The Victoria African and Caribbean Cultural Society (VACCS) was founded on October 19, 2012 by Pulchérie Mboussi. Pulchérie was born in Cameroon, in the beautiful continent of Africa. From the time she immigrated to Canada in the mid 1980’s, she has earned a strong reputation as a community leader and advocate of promoting and celebrating the rich and diverse culture of Africa and the Caribbean. Pulchérie's life-long commitment as an Ambassador of African and Caribbean culture continued when she moved to Victoria BC in 2010. This year, she needs the help and support of the community she now calls home.
My Living City Project_Small
By creating an online space for collaboration and co-creation, we can initiate this conversation for change. In this online space citizens can offer ideas and visions to each other, allow them to be voted on, liked or shared with others. City planners can explore trending ideas to be selected for inclusion into their development plans and programs, as well as being informed on the priorities and visions of its residents to inform planning priorities. The city can invite resident to review as well as provide feedback and contribution to development proposals. The ability to source the community and fully involve citizens into the planning process is made available.
Officially launched in 2017 with the main office located in Jeddah of Saudi Arabia, Taif is a tech startup that is specialist in developing solutions for kids dealing with autism. With a major app project development on the way, Taif is planning to help fight the fight and deal with daily challenges for patients and parents.

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