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Since 1992, Victoria Coalition for Survivors of Torture has worked with health practitioners, social service agencies, immigrant settlement workers, and the broader community to ensure that the needs of survivors of torture are recognized and met at all levels.
men trama centre
The Vancouver Island Men’s Trauma Counselling Society (Men’s Trauma Centre) was formed in September, 2003 in response to the closing of the Victoria branch of the BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse (BCSMSSA). The Men’s Trauma Centre provides support and/or counseling services to over two hundred men and their family members each year. The Men’s Trauma Centre is becoming increasingly busy and we now run a wide range of therapy programs, educational outreach and an advocacy service, as well as providing vital support during the criminal justice process from initial reporting through to trial.
Victoria Grandmothers for Africa is one of over 250 Canadian groups working to raise funds and awareness for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. This Campaign supports the work of African grandmothers caring for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Since Victoria Grandmothers for Africa is a large group, we encourage members to join a working group that interests them. These smaller groups enable members to get to know one another and make friends while engaging in the important work of the Grandmothers Campaign.
Home of Good Hope
The Home of Good Hope was founded by Eileen Greene. Eileen is a nursing instructor in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. In 2001, Eileen travelled to Namibia with an International team which included an AIDS reseach specialist: they explored what was happening in the AIDS crisis. In 2006 she lead the first group of Camosun College Nursing students to Africa for an Intercultural experience and the opportunity to help out in the face of the African Aids crisis which was devastating families and changing the nature of African communities.
VIDEA is committed to ending global poverty and creating a more just and equitable world. We live in a world where extreme poverty and a lack of access to education, health care, a clean environment, gender equality, human rights and economic opportunities are a reality for many. The challenges of poverty are exacerbated by the HIV-AIDS pandemic, which is having a profound effect on daily life and social and economic development. We believe that a key part of addressing these challenges is to work with youth and community in Canada, to build lasting relationships with overseas partners and communities, and to advocate for global responsibility. Our approach involves innovative education in schools, engaging the public, overseas exchanges, and community-based international development projects.
Cana Comforts Society
CCS is a group of volunteers who knit teddy bears, toques, sweaters, washcloths, afghans and sew bags for the teddies, dresses, shorts, skirts, T-shirts, diapers. Over 55 volunteer groups from across Canada send us donations they have made. Some of the work is done on Tuesday mornings at the Juan de Fuca Seniors Citizens Association in Colwood. The charity makes or purchases items for distribution to needy children around the world. CCS delivers all donated/created items to The Compassion Resource Warehouse in Esquimalt which distributes items to countries in need. CCS contributed the following to the Compassionate Resource Warehouse in 2016. •1,386 bears & bags •1,860 CCS boxes •1,563 maternity packs •451 baby packs •84 hygiene boxes •1,267 hospital packs •2,878 educational boxes.
The Abbeyfield Housing concept began in England in 1955. All Abbeyfield societies, whether international, national, or local, operate according to the "guiding principles" of the Abbeyfield movement, foremost of which is that older people have an important role to play amongst their families, friends, and in the larger community outside the home. Abbeyfield Houses are retirement homes with a difference. They offer a warm, family-style residence that allows you to find companionship with privacy, security with independence. Abbeyfield St Peter's was built in 1988 on property leased from St Peter's Church. It is operated and supported by a Board of Directors and other volunteers, from the surrounding community.
The Cook Street Village Activity Centre is a non-profit organization offering social, educational and recreational activities for persons of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Membership is open to anyone 50+ years, as we cater primarily to those of “mature adult” status. However, we do offer programs for people of all ages as our goal is to be intergenerational.
BC Francophone Immigration Program
Horizon B.C. (Programme d’immigration francophone de la Colombie-Britannique) works towards attracting and facilitating the settlement and integration of Francophone immigrants so they actively contribute to the vitality and dynamism of the Francophone community, the province and Canada. Through its various services and projects, Horizon B.C. provides direct support to newcomers to assist them throughout the immigration and integration process and mobilizes the entire community to support francophone immigration.
VICCIR’s capacity has grown immeasurably since our founding in the Spring of 2015. Over 40 professional counsellors and skilled translators have answered the humanitarian call of those fortunate enough to have found shelter here on Vancouver Island from some of the world’s current disasters. We have found two physical sites to call home, and established a presence and identity in our region.
the existance project
The Existence Project is a creative storytelling workshop in Victoria, British Columbia giving voice to whole communities – across the socio-economic spectrum – to create, connect and share around the common intersection of poverty, mental health, and stigma in our lives. Mental health, addiction and trauma are interwoven in a debilitating web of stigmatization, marginalization and poverty that impacts ourselves and our community on many levels. Understanding these social ills through our personal and community perspective is a crucial step towards creating meaningful dialogue and transformative action in making a safe, progressive and vibrant community.
Tweed Ride
Tweed Rides are a worldwide phenomena, started in London in the fall of 2009 as The Tweed Run London. The organizers thought that it would be fun to have a slower-paced “cosmopolitan ride with a bit style”. So they dressed in tweeds, rode their bikes through London streets and raised money for bicycles for Bicycles for Humanity.
Bridges For Women Society
Bridges for Women Society was established in Victoria in 1988 as an employment training program for women with a history of trauma and abuse. It operated with the help of an Advisory Committee until 1993 when it was officially established as a non-profit society under the British Columbia Society Act.
The Victoria African and Caribbean Cultural Society (VACCS) was founded on October 19, 2012 by Pulchérie Mboussi. Pulchérie was born in Cameroon, in the beautiful continent of Africa. From the time she immigrated to Canada in the mid 1980’s, she has earned a strong reputation as a community leader and advocate of promoting and celebrating the rich and diverse culture of Africa and the Caribbean. Pulchérie's life-long commitment as an Ambassador of African and Caribbean culture continued when she moved to Victoria BC in 2010. This year, she needs the help and support of the community she now calls home.
My Living City Project_Small
By creating an online space for collaboration and co-creation, we can initiate this conversation for change. In this online space citizens can offer ideas and visions to each other, allow them to be voted on, liked or shared with others. City planners can explore trending ideas to be selected for inclusion into their development plans and programs, as well as being informed on the priorities and visions of its residents to inform planning priorities. The city can invite resident to review as well as provide feedback and contribution to development proposals. The ability to source the community and fully involve citizens into the planning process is made available.
Officially launched in 2017 with the main office located in Jeddah of Saudi Arabia, Taif is a tech startup that is specialist in developing solutions for kids dealing with autism. With a major app project development on the way, Taif is planning to help fight the fight and deal with daily challenges for patients and parents.

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