The Existence Project in Victoria- BC

Technology for Change Foundation is excited to collaborate with The Existence Project in the areas of social media and web marketing.  Based in Victoria BC, The Existence Project is a creative storytelling workshop giving voice to whole communities – across the socio-economic spectrum – to create, connect and share around the common intersection of poverty, mental health, and stigma in our lives.

Mental health, addiction and trauma are interwoven in a debilitating web of stigmatization, marginalization and poverty that impacts ourselves and our community on many levels. Understanding these social ills through our personal and community perspective is a crucial step towards creating meaningful dialogue and transformative action in making a safe, progressive and vibrant community. Storytelling and direct experiential connection can play a powerful role in de-stigmatizing common conceptions of mental health, addiction and poverty and can further an understanding of ourselves and the places we live in.

Technology for Change Foundation will assist in the effort of social media and web outreach and marketing.

For more information on The Existence Project click here