My Living City Project

This is an exciting project, Nic and the team noticed the world is facing extreme pressure to supply the needs of the over 7 billion people living on this Earth, with over half of them living in urban areas. Sustainable development can sometimes occur as contentious conversation, with many feeling a sense of apathy or inability to express to concerns.

In order to transform our cities into living cities that exist in complete integrity with the natural world, we need to empower every citizen to engage in a conversation for change and a call to take action in their community.

The team realized there is a need for an online space for collaboration and co-creation. In this online space, citizens can offer ideas and visions to each other, allow them to be voted on, liked or shared with others. City planners can explore trending ideas to be selected for inclusion in their development plans and programs, as well as being informed on the priorities and visions of its residents to inform planning priorities. Technology for Change Foundation is consulting My Living City initiative with best available solutions in the market, engaged in the development process and advising on best products in the market.