New Client: Home of Good Hope

The Home of Good Hope was founded by Eileen Greene. Eileen is a nursing instructor in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. In 2001, Eileen traveled to Namibia with an International team which included an AIDS research specialist: they explored what was happening in the AIDS crisis. In 2006 she lead the first group of Camosun College Nursing students to Africa for an Intercultural experience and the opportunity to help out in the face of the African Aids crisis which was devastating families and changing the nature of African communities.

Working at the Katatura Hospital was both an inspiring and discouraging experience. With over one fifth of the local population infected with HIV, the hospital was full of people in dire need. However, with no hot running water, washcloths, or other basic amenities, making a dent seemed like an impossible task.

Technology For Change Foundation will be assisting Home of Good Hope with website updates and technical support