New Clients: Canada Comforts Society

CCS is a group of volunteers who knit teddy bears, toques, sweaters, washcloths, afghans and sew bags for the teddies, dresses, shorts, skirts, T-shirts, diapers. Over 55 volunteer groups from across Canada send us donations they have made. Some of the work is done on Tuesday mornings at the Juan de Fuca Seniors Citizens Association in Colwood. The charity makes or purchases items for distribution to needy children around the world. CCS delivers all donated/created items to The Compassion Resource Warehouse in Esquimalt which distributes items to countries in need. CCS contributed the following to the Compassionate Resource Warehouse in 2016. •1,386 bears & bags •1,860 CCS boxes •1,563 maternity packs •451 baby packs •84 hygiene boxes •1,267 hospital packs •2,878 educational boxes.

Technology for Change Foundation will be helping in building CCS website and facebook page in order to:

  • Creating a much needed online presence
  • Mobilize the community in order to generate better public awareness
  • Assist in fundraising efforts