New Service: Hardware & Software Recommendations

Operating a successful non-profit or charity can be a rewarding labor of love that supplies invaluable service and support to the community. While it’s admirable to pour your heart into a worthy cause, devoting countless hours every day to grow your membership, executing your event and engage the community, it’s critical to achieve those goals with the highest level of efficiency.  working hard has to become synonymous with working smart. It is with great excitement that Technology for Change Foundation is launching a monthly Hardware and Software suggestions section on the website, the selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Relevancy to the Day to Day activities
  • Price affordability
  • Product Quality
  • Return on investment
  • Long-term usage

Suggestion hardware will be shown from Amazon website directly, with no specific recommended supplier, suggested software is based on clients suggestions, efficiency and customer review.

Would like to suggest a hardware or software? email us at